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How to keep a Hermit Crab Pet


Land hermit crabs are terrestrial crabs that do not have a physical shell of their own. Their abdomen is very ...

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Caring for pet Seahorses


Southern Knight Seahorses (Hippocampus abdommalis) are temperate marine fish found in coastal waters of south-eastern Australia and also in New ...

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Caring for Axolotls


Axolotls are a type of salamander that are native to Mexico. It’s scientific name is ambystoma mexicanum. The common pet ...

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How to care for Clown Fish (pet)


Clown fish (amphiprion ocellaris) are a beautiful marine species that are highly entertaining to watch, and are very long lived. ...

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Marine Fish care (the basics)


Keeping marine fish brings all the rewards of cold or tropical fish and more. They are all beautiful and relaxing ...

tropical fish care

tropical Fish care


Tropical fish are fantastic to keep as pets. They are as simple to look after as cold water fish, yet ...

fresh water crab pet care

Fresh water Crab Care


Fresh water crabs (holthuisana sp.) are normally found in inland rivers, billabongs and dams in northern Australian regions. The different ...

cold water fish care

Cold Water Fish care


Keeping fish can be interesting and fun, but most of all relaxing. It’s been common knowledge for a long time ...

Pet frogs care

Pet Frogs (how to keep them)


There are many species of frogs through out Australia and the world, and many have very individualised pet care needs. ...