P & K pets History

P&K Pets was formerly called P&K Bargains and was founded in October 1989 by brothers Peter and Kevin Barone. P&K Bargains sold a range of products including secondhand furniture, surplus and new stock, second hand Sega and Nintendo games, aquariums, fish and fish accessories.

As the years went on and the demand for the Aquarium side increased the aquatic range was expanded. More pet products and livestock was added and the non animal related ones were discontinued, the name of the business was also changed to P&K Pets.

In 1995 brothers Peter and Kevin decided to parts ways and Kevin took over the business as the sole owner. Kevin hired his first employee and in the next ten years the business grew and the staffing level expanded to 10 employees.

In December 2008 after owning the business for 19 years Kevin sold to new owners. Donna, Kevin’s fiancé stayed on to manage the business for the next two years until the decided to put the business back on the market.. Nearly two years to the day after selling the business Kevin and Donna bought it back and are still the owners today

Both Kevin and Donna each have over 25 years experience in the Pet Industry and both have a great love of animals. Donna’s experience includes working as a dog groomer and teaching grooming at TAFE for nearly 10 years, Senior trainer at Lions Hearing Dogs, Supervisor at the Animal Welfare League, she also has extensive experience with working and breeding native animals.

Kevin and Donna live on a property in the Adelaide Hills, they have 4 children between them Emma 19, Kelly 16, Ben 11 and Luke 2. Our home is shared with our 2 dogs Azure and Anatolian Shepherd, Wolff a Central Asian Shepherd, Snickers a Burmese cross cat, 4 camels, 6 horses, 2 donkeys, 1 mini pony, 3 alpacas, 3 fallow deer, 3 ostriches, 2 emus, 3 alpacas, 2 scottish highland cows, 2 miniature cows, 50 sheep, chickens and peacocks

(08) 8362 2375

19 Magill Road, Stepney, South Australia, 5069